Jul 26, 2021
ALTERNATOR RA 12 & RA 13 Detailed Specifications
REIL Alternators RA 12 and RA 13 models offer superior performance in a compact, low cost light weight body . They are specially designed for both diesel and petrol engines used on passenger cars , Commercial vehicles, MUVs, SUVs, Tractors and Stationary engines.

An in-built electronic regulator with high grade semi conductor components ensures trouble free performance. The use of 12.7 mm press fit diodes provides longer life of the rectifier assembly. The diodes are protected by fuse against reverse polarity connection. A 12 pole rotor is dynamically balanced for the increased life of the bearings .An anti-vibration encapsulation enhances the life of the ball bearing at slip ring end. Sealed ball bearings are lubricated for life.

An electronic regulator , rectifier and Aux. Diode assembly are mounted externally on the slip ring end bracket, thus facilitating easy inspection and servicing.

RA 12 Alternator is provided with an in-built capacitor for RFI suppression. Provision is made for an AC phase tap terminal for tachometer connection. Special grade carbon brushes are used to ensure longer life of the slip ring. Stainless steel springs are used as they are better resistant against oil, diesel, humidity etc.

Certain models in RA 12 & RA 13 are aslso provided with vacuum pump for brake assistance.

System Voltage

12V or 24V




As per custumer needs


30Amps to 50Amps in 12V (RA 12 Model)
30Amps to 55Amps in 24V (RA 13 Model)


4.5 Kgs.(RA 12 Model), 5.5 Kgs. Approx without pully (RA 13 Model)
(without vacuum pump)


Passenger cars (Petrol and Diesel), MUVs, SUVs, LCVs, MCVs. Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Duty Stationary Engines and Heavy Earth Movers


12 poles dynamically balanced. Varnish Impregnated.


High output low weight.
Varnish Impregnated.

Electronic Regulator

High grade semiconductors.
Thermal compensation provided.


12.7 mm press fit Heavy Duty Diodes.
Reverse polarity protection fuse.

Ball Bearing

Sealed lubrication for life.Bearing with 2RS with C3 Clearance
Anti vibration encapsulation for slip ring and bearing



BEML RA 13 - 2 (Alternator 24V / 30A)
RA 13 - 3 (Alternator 24V / 45A)
RA 13 - 4 (Alternator 24V / 45A)
RA 13 - 5 (Alternator 24V / 55A)
Caterpillar HA - 04 (Alternator 24V / 35A)
Greaves RA 13 - 6 (Alternator 24V / 30A)

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