Jul 26, 2021
Prestolite Alternaters BLD3314GH


  • Heavy and Medium
  • Duty Truck
  • Marine
  • Off-Highway
  • Construction
  • Agricultural


  • These Brushless Alternators produce output characteristics typically found only in brush type machines
  • Superior performance at low rpm and long life
  • Direct replacement for existing 4 Point Pad and 4 J180 mount applications
  • No brushes or slip rings to wear out
  • Longevity in service means mileage extension and lower maintenance costs
  • Large needle bearings, front and rear, to handle high belt loads with high temperature grease
  • Rotor and coil mass is evenly distributed to assure balance and eliminate vibration


  • System voltage: 12/24 Volt
  • Frame: 6 1/2 / 165mm
  • Shaft diameter: .8736-.8741


  • A External location
  • B Integral location
  • C External sense
  • D Internal sense
  • E Diode trio
  • G Ignition excite
  • H External excite
  • I Self excite
  • K Lamp driver
  • L Temp compensation
  • M D+
  • N Multi-power regulator
  • O Remote sense


  • 1 Hex shaft
  • 2 Corrosion protected
* Leece-Neville is aggressively re-engineering our high volume alternators to the new high temperature specification. However, not all alternators in the series listed may have been converted to date. Please contact your Leece-Neville representative for additional details.

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